Some words for you about us

We have plenty of exciting research ideas but limited human resource at our startup, for which we need the talented YOU to join for pushing the boundaries of cutting-edge research in AI.
Our group is young and rising after its foundation in 2018. Our research scope ranges from levels of fundamental basics, algorithm designing to applied developments, for which you could find a fit easily and certainly.
Our group principles are simple and clear, as:

  • Aim high & Fight for it!

  • When nothing goes right, try left!

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Current Members

Qiang Yu
PI, Associate Prof.

Shiming Song
Master Student, 2018

Shenglan Li
Master Student, 2019 (National Scholarship 2020 国家奖学金)

Chenxiang Ma
Master Student, 2019

Jialu Gao
Master Student, 2019

Wei Sun
Master Student, 2020

Mingxi Wang
Master Student, 2020


Yanli Yao
Master, 2017-2019, co-supervised, State Grid Corporation of China


2020.01: graduation of yanli.

2019: graduation of CCA members.

2019: IEEE CIS summer school.

2017: ICONIP, Guangzhou.

Springer book.

2015: Germany.

2016: Singapore.