Qiang YU

  • Associate Professor, IEEE Senior Member
    College of Intelligence and Computing,
    Tianjin University

  • Expert in oversea young talent program of Tianjin, 2018

  • Office: Building 55-B313

  • Address: 135 Yaguan Road, Jinnan District, Tianjin 300350, China

  • Email: yuqiang [A\(\alpha\)T\(\tau\)] tju.edu.cn

  • 于强,天津大学人工智能学院副教授,天津市海外高层次人才项目获得者,IEEE Senior Member。主要从事类脑智能计算相关方向的研究工作, 结合多个学科的背景知识理解类脑信息处理及学习的工作原理并加以应用化。研究成果多次被国际著名科技媒体ScienceDaily、PHYS.org等专题报道。 曾获2016年 IEEE CIS TNNLS最佳期刊论文奖、2016 Computing Reviews年度最佳计算论文。目前在国际权威学术期刊及会议上发表论文30余篇, 包括TNNLS、TCYB、AAAI、IJCAI等;由国际著名出版社Springer出版类脑计算方向英文专著一部。

Research Interests:
  • Brain-like Computing

  • Spike-based Processing and Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

Student Positions:

I am recruiting research students, for those who are interested in the cutting-edge research in the new-gerenation of AI are warmly welcomed :).
Feel free to contact me (Read more here).

What's New

  • (Mar 2021) A new paper, entitled “Temporal Encoding and Multi-spike Learning Framework for Efficient Recognition of Visual Patterns”, was accepted by IEEE TNNLS. (SCI-Q1)

  • (Jan 2021) Congratulations. A new paper, entitled “Synaptic Learning with Augmented Spikes”, was accepted by IEEE TNNLS. (SCI-Q1)

  • (Jan 2021) Congratulations. A new paper, entitled “Constructing Accurate and Efficient Deep Spiking Neural Networks with Double-threshold and Augmented Schemes”, was accepted by IEEE TNNLS. (SCI-Q1)

  • (Oct 2020) Congratulations to Shenglan Li for being awarded the National Scholarship (Master, 硕士生国家奖学金) 2020.

  • (Sep 2020) Welcome our new members: Sun Wei and Wang Mingxi.

  • (Sep 2020) A new paper was accepted by SSCI 2020. Congratulations to Chenxiang. (EI)

  • (Sep 2020) A new paper was accepted by ICONIP 2020. Congratulations to Shiming. (CCF-C)

  • (Aug 2020) A new paper, entitled “Numerical Spiking Neural P Systems”, was accepted by TNNLS. (SCI-Q1)

  • (Aug 2020) I am organizing the 2020 IEEE Symposium on Neuromorphic Cognitive Computing, which will be held in Canberra, Australia, Dec 1-4, 2020.

  • (Aug 2020) This website is newly launched, and more news will be coming…